Shi – W7PRV & Christina – KI7CJY – Seal Rock, OR

One evening I was playing around with a new handheld radio and I stumbled across the WIN system, completely by accident. I listened for a little while and was impressed to hear stations from California talking to stations in Florida. I decided to listen a little more and at 11:00pm, here comes Steve N5ZUA announcing the start of the Insomniac Trivia Net. I love trivia, so I listened in. From that point forward I was hooked. I got a opportunity to fill in a few times before becoming a regular Net Control Station and have been here ever since. I operate locally on 2m, 70cm, and HF (usually 40m CW).

Outside of Amateur Radio, Christina and I like to spend time with our 4 kids. Hiking and camping as well as geocaching are some of our favorite things. We do travel quite a bit and can usually be found on the WIN system during our trips.