Shorty – K6JSI – Smith River, CA

Smith River, CA where ever that is!

I was first licensed at age 12 in December, 1953, as KN6JSI, and was a Novice Class licensee. My real name is Jeff, but most folks call me “Shorty” as I’m 6ft 6in tall, and I picked up the nickname when I was a teenager. I built my first 440 repeater in about 1965 or 1966. That did it! I’ve been on UHF and VHF FM ever since.

I own and operate the Western Intertie Network, or the “WIN System, ” presently at about 80 repeaters linked together full-time, 24/7, and we’re still growing. We’re an OPEN repeater system, and we have repeaters in 16 states and three countries around the world. Check out our website at for more information, or listen in to our streaming audio.

I am very happily married to Susan, K6SLS, and we are now retired and living in Smith River, California.