Where do you get your Trivia questions?

Each Net Controller is responsible for developing their own questions for their respective nets.  Some players will on occasion, submit questions to the net controllers. Please play along and answer the questions without help. It’s just funner that way. Google is great but what fun is that?

The question development is probably one of the biggest challenges for our net controllers.  Lots of time and effort go into finding just the right questions that span a large non-geographic knowledge base.

The golden rule for all to remember: The Net Controllers answers are always correct.

Do you keep score or tally the answers?

We do not keep or publish players scores. We want everyone to participate and have fun without the pressure of being correct each night.  Instead we do tally general numbers of how many participants there were that particular night. We also tabulate how many players got 1, 2, 3, or 4 answers correct.  In addition we have a special spotted owl for each that get 0 correct but we never announce names.

How is the nightly roster organized?

Each Net Controller has their own style and preference with how they maintain their roster.  Some organize it by location while others organize it by attendance. Each night’s calling order on the roster will be different. Those individuals who become members of the WIN System are given a higher place in the calling order as a way of saying thank you for supporting the WIN system.

The typical calling order is: Net Controllers and System Operators, WIN System Members, Regular Roster, Late and Missed Members of the Regular Roster, and Guests and Visitors to the net.

What is the suffix of my callsign?

The suffix of your callsign is the letters after the number.  An example would be, if the callsign is: AB1CDE, the suffix would be CDE.  We use the suffix of the callsign as a shortened way to call stations during the late and missed section of the net.  We also use the suffix of the callsign during Guest and Visitor check in’s.

Can I be dropped from the roster?

Yes, if you do not check into the net you are part of, you can drop off.  Tell your net control operator if you expect to be away more than one week. They will take care of you.

Many controllers will remove you if you miss 2 weeks in a row.

What is a net control?

A net control station is a person running the net for the evening.  They will call on you, on a roster to provide answers to the trivia questions.

How to I join the net?

Every controller will call the roster for the night of the week.  Once the roster is called, Network controllers and net control stations are called for late or missed. Next is the normal roster late or missed.  Once complete, visitors/guests are called.  They will ask for your suffux. (Everything after the number in your callsign.)  Provide it phonetically, twice.  Slowly.

Once you have checked in 2 weeks in a row, in the visitors/guest section, you would be added to that night’s roster.