Big Al – KE6LGE – San Antonio, TX

Silent Key

I have had several jobs in my lifetime. I was a cop in San Antonio, TX. When I lived in Atlanta, GA for 3 years I was a district manager for a national consumer finance company in which I covered 36 offices in 3 states GA, OK, and TX. When I lived in Edmond, OK I was a vice president of a credit union. When I moved to Los Angeles, CA I was a vice president of a nationwide auction company. When I moved to San Diego, CA in 1999, I started my own business with 1 driver then built it up to 63 drivers delivering auto parts for car dealerships. I sold that business in February 2007. In February 2009, I moved back to San Antonio, TX where I am now driving cab for my Nephew. I am a avid RV’er, sports shooter, enjoy camping, and fishing.

I got my ham license through Gordon West in 1994. I have been a member of RACES in San Diego, CA and now I am with the Hill Country REACT Team on many of their public service and emergency deployments. This was one of my main reasons for becoming a ham was to get involved with as much public service involvements as I can. I encourage you all to do the same. It is so satisfying knowing how much you meant to someone helping them out in emergency situations.

73 and God Bless.