How to Setup Profile

To personalize your profile, (set a password,  add a picture, change your display name, create a bio, add or change your email address) Log into the webpage. (

In the upper right hand corner of your page, click on your name and select account.

  • To set a password or to change you email address:
  • On the left side bar, click on Preferences
  • Enter a password (must be 6 characters long)
  • If you have a email alias you would like to add click on advanced settings for email
  • If at some point you want to change you email address, this is the place to do it
  • To receive a copy of your post in your email:
  • On the left side bar, click on Properties
  • My posts – check the box, I always want copies of my own messages
  • To Create your Profile, Change your Display Name, Create a Bio, Add a Picture, Set a Location, and give a Personal Website Address:
  • On the left side bar, click on Identity
  • Under the Account Profile click on the Edit button on the right
  • Add Photo
  • Add Display Name to what ever you would like everyone to see when you send a message / email
  • Set Profile Privacy to Public
  • Create your Bio
  • Fill in Location
  • If you want to add your Personal Website do that here
  • I would suggest not filling in the Username field. If you do it will show your Display Name @ Username (Example: Brian N6KMA@HamRadio) on every post you create or send